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Ikhlas welfare society” formally exploit acronym for the organization as “IWS”. The organization is a Non-Governmental established in 2011 and Registered with Social Welfare Agency (Registration and Control) Ordinance (1860) XLVI of 1860 Khyber Pukhtunkhwa in March 11, 1999. IWS since its inception has strenuous extensive endeavor by a group of experienced staff having sturdy in developmental sector; International and National plate forums of humanitarian principles setups.

IWS Developmental Vision:


IWS has been founded to address issues of sustainable development through innovation, appropriate technology promotion and capacity building, IWS philosophy is not to duplicate the mandate of existing NGOs, rather crave a niche of its own to distinctly contribute to the sustainable development in general and NRM and water and environment sector in particular. Thus IWS calls itself a knowledge based NGO, predominantly interested in promotion of best management practices and appropriate technology in sector.
IWS seeks to achieve its development vision through promoting and practicing an integrated approach to sustainable development encompassing principles of:
• Participatory and human rights based approach to development
• Strengthening gross roots level organization to ensure local level services delivery following principles of subsidiary
• Behavioral change communication to identify and target vulnerable practices for sustainable development
• Introduction and promotion of appropriate technologies to crystallize change in largely dormant societies
• Productively engage children as change agents through active learning methods / life skills based education / child to child communication for realization behavioral changes for sustained development
• Develop models of participatory civil and environmental planning, design, management and implementation
• Capacity-building of municipalities, local government institution and NGOs in specialized areas relating to environmental planning and design
• Design and implementation of environmental impact assessments and participatory benefit monitoring systems


Ikhlas Welfare Society

Ikhlas welfare society is a D.I.Khan based registered organization that provides relief aid and assistance to the marginalized communities of rural areas of Dist D.I Khan.

To Promote Sustainable Development Through Innovative Development Initiatives”



To improve the living standard of marginalized groups, through sustainable access to improve basic services of life, support the rule of law and strengthening socities.

Following are the primary objectives of IKHLAS Welfare society. To promote Health, Quality Education, Population Welfare, Environmental Hygiene and Sanitation.