Activity Progress Report


Title of the Activity:          Elimination of Discrimination against Women by any Person, Organization or Enterprise (EDWPOE).     

Date of Activity:               20/11/2013

Date of Report:                   21/11/2013                 Time: 10 am to 2 pm

Reporting Organization:      Ikhlas Welfare Society (IWS)

Reported to:                         Strengthening Participatory Organization (SPO), Peshawar

Outputs:                                 -50 persons attended the seminar.

                                                -Board members attended the seminar.

                              -Women Committee for Human Rights is formed.

– All direct beneficiaries committed to disseminate to disseminate the information of the workshop in their surrounding.              

Methodology:                        IWS is a non governmental and developmental organization working for uplifting the socio-economic status of the people through effective advocacy and research in KPK. IWS is a group professional presently engaged in the empowerment of youth and women through its program of Women and Youth Empowerment through Skills Education.

A committee comprising members from IWS as well as target community (teacher, student, and housewife) is formed. In order to address the issue resourcepersons (political leaders) are invited to explain the articles of CEDAW to the participants.

Humaira Nawaz explains the purpose and objectives of the seminar. She made a brief discussion on the three principles that make up the CEDAW’s concept of equality. She said that according to the first principle of non-discrimination men and women are equal in fact as in law. She said that Pakistan is state party of the CEDAW and voluntarily accepts a range of legally binding obligations to eliminate discrimination against women and bring about equality between women and men and this is the second principle of CEDAW. Regarding the third principle of The CEDAW Convention, she said that it promotes the substantive equality or equality of results. She elaborates the two central approaches to equality: