Project Name:                 Health Assistance Program

Beneficiaries               South Waziristan IDPs

Location                    DI Khan & Tank

Provision of immediate medical relief to the IDPs of South Waziristan was the main objective of the Ikhlas Welfare society (IWS). Seeing this emergent need, IWS first of all established a medical clinic in Qureshi-Morr which is located at central point of IDPs settlement of South Waziristan at D.I.Khan.

This  clinic  has  been  provided  medical  facilities  to  the  IDPs  of  south  Waziristan  as  well  as  local  population since june,2010.Besides this the medical team rushed to Tank with ambulance, mobile  hospital and relief goods to help the IDPs.

The details of medical and relief work have been carried by the IWS team for IDPs of SWA is given as under:

  1. Established of Two clinics / Maternity Homes in Qureshi-Morr&Shorkot.
  2. Mobile Medical / Relief Camp in D.I.Khan& Tank
  3. Treatment of 25,000 patients
  4. Arrangements of safe drinking water supply to the IDPs for approx 250 families