The overall development of a country depends upon the maximum utilization of its people, both men and women. In D.I.Khan women comprise more than 49% of the total population. But the status of women is much lower than that of men in every sphere of life. Women are identified with domestic life while politics is viewed as a male-dominated public activity that is typically masculine in nature. With the advancement of time, the fact has now been recognized that without ensuring women development at grassroots, the national development cannot be achieved. Women’s equal participation in political life plays a pivotal role in the general process of the advancement of women. IWS selected lady councilor in district D.I.Khan to assess the prioritized needs of local community and design a project with their participation.  In this regard, IWS conducted four focus groups discussion with community and visited communityin the proposed area in Union Councils Mallana&Lunda. Each focus group had 15-20 participants. The focus group discussion was mainly based on opinion based data. The focus groups were conducted around the politics and governancethematic areas to see the impact of community most pressing need on local community.In this regard, two UCs, Mallan&Lunda was selected to get the qualitative data of lady councilors.