Purpose and ownership of forest plantations varies markedly between regions. Industrial plantations provide the raw material for wood processing for commercial purposes, including timber for construction, panel products and furniture, and pulpwood for paper. In contrast, non-industrial plantations are aimed for example at supplying fuelwood, providing soil and water conservation, wind protection, biological diversity conservation and other non-commercial purposes. In many countries, particularly in the developing world, the end purpose of the plantations is not clearly defined at the outset. In some of these cases, valuable tree resources are established which coincidentally match future needs.

The agreement between Pakistan Village Development Program (PVDP) and Ikhlas Welfare Society (IWS) held at IWS office. Under the agreement clause 5.4 PVDP is responsible to provide the plants and IWS will distribute inthree union councils of District Dera Ismail Khan.


S No UC Target Achievement (Plants Provided) Variance
1 Lunda 12000 11500 500
2 Malana 15000 15000 0
3 Paroa 15000 15000 0